There isn’t enough yarn and fabric in the world to get me through this pandemic.

I just finished yet another craft project – the crocheted rag rug in the photo above. This is in addition to the crocheted wall hanging (also pictured above), the crocheted baby blanket, the crocheted basket, the tie-dye t-shirt, the art journaling, the TikTok animations… you get the idea. There’s a lot of crafting going on in my world.

I’ve always been a creative soul. As far back as I can remember, I was making new things, and taking existing things and making them more beautiful. It is a great gift to know what you can do to make yourself feel inspired, happy, and whole. Arts & crafts do that for me (along with travel), and I’m glad I’m aware of it and am constantly learning.

Who doesn’t need some inspiration and a sense of accomplishment?

All of my corona creative/crafty pursuits have kept me calm and grounded while also providing some much needed inspiration. They show me that I can still create something new and beautiful, even when the world is suffering and the walls of my small home feel like they are closing in. They also provide a sense of accomplishment, not necessarily linked to the beauty of the final product, but simply linked to the fact that there IS a final product – I set out to make a crocheted rag rug, I measured and cut up sheets to make the rug, I crocheted for hours, I tied it off, and I had a finished product. Pride in process, and pride in completion.

Being a “crafty” professional (even if I don’t craft for a living)

The craftiness has blended into my professional life, as a consultant to nonprofit organizations, as well. For example, I needed to flesh out a new fundraising idea for a client last week. I knew I needed to write something up, but I was having trouble getting motivated. So, I hopped onto my favorite graphic design resource, Canva, and created a flyer, with some great visual elements, for this new endeavor. The final product to promote this new initiative might not end up looking anything like my first draft, but creating with both words and images helped me crystalize the idea, and my excitement about the graphic element of the work infused the language that I used to describe the program.

I’ve also ventured into video. When I wanted to create a new promotion for my Small & Mighty Membership Program, I tried out Lumen5, a video resource that I have recommended to Small & Mighty Members and to people on my email list. I had a blast creating the video, and I now have a new marketing tool that will get higher rankings on social media and search engines (which prefer video over other formats).

My next crafting project is a crocheted wreath with denim flower appliques, for my front door. I am not a wreath person. I have never been a wreath person. But, lots of us are doing things we never thought we would do these days, right? If you see me trying to encase my entire front door in yarn, please stop me. But short of that, I’m going to keep on crafting, creating moments of inspiration and pride whenever I can.

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