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Filled with guidelines, tactics, and worksheets, Grant Writing Quick Tips is like a grant writing seminar you can turn to again and again!

NEW ADDITION! The third edition e-book includes the Grant Proposal Planning Deck. Print, cut, shuffle, and then use the deck to guide your proposal writing. Each of the 35 cards includes elements of your grant proposal (such as needs to be addressed, agency background, staffing, etc.), along with questions and tips to help you create a powerful, compelling grant proposal.

About this product:

Grant Writing Quick Tips provides the answers to these and other questions in a focused, user-friendly format:

  • How can I make my organization’s grant proposal stand out from the pack?
  • What are the most important items that I need to include in a grant proposal?
  • Are there rules for putting together a project budget for a grant proposal?
  • What should I know about the staff of charitable foundations? Is it OK to call them before I submit a grant proposal?
  • How do I find prospective donors to fund my project?
  • What is donor stewardship, and how will it help me to encourage my
    current donors to keep giving, and to increase their gifts?
  • How do I hire a grant writer? Where can I find a good grant writer, and how much should I pay them?

These are the most important guidelines and pieces of advice that Lauren Brownstein has gathered in more than 20 years of writing winning grant proposals and securing funding for non-profit organizations.


  • How to Write Proposals that “Pop”!
  • Before You Get Started (insights on the motivations of the foundation
    staff who review proposals, the best writing style to adopt, and ways of
    making contact with foundation staff)
  • Sample Proposal Preparation Form (a chart describing the key
    elements/sections that should be included in a grant proposal)
  • 20 Things to Never Write in a Grant Proposal
  • Proposal Budgeting Worksheet
  • A Budget Case Study
  • Prospect Research: Finding Funders (resources for researching potential
    funders and interpreting the data you gather)
  • Keeping Friends in High Places: Donor Stewardship Guidelines (ways of
    maintaining productive relationships with current donors, so that they will
    continue to give and will increase their gifts)
  • How to Choose a Grant Writer
  • Grant Proposal Planning Deck (a set of 35 cards that you can print, cut,
    shuffle, and use as your guide to writing a customized grant proposal)


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