I recently launched the Small & Mighty Fundraising Minute to deliver quick hits of fundraising wisdom and inspiration (and thoughts on other related topics) to folks who are short on time, but long on ambition, ideas, or just plain grit. Each episode is just a couple of minutes long. (Literally. On average, these episodes are 3-4 minutes long.)

Here is a summary of recent episodes, along with links to where you can find them:

Why Creativity Matters: Creativity helps your organization stand out from the pack in a crowded fundraising marketplace; it also helps you you approach old problems in new, unconventional ways. You can also learn how a wooden maze and a silver ball bearing taught me about the power of creative minds.

What Do You Do When You Can’t Do it All?: We can’t be good at everything, even though we often are expected to be Jacks (or Janes) of All Trades, especially if we work at smaller organizations. How to cope? Play to your strengths.

Why I Hate Elevator Speeches: Even though they are standard practice, I kinda hate those 2- minute stock speeches. Authentic connection through thoughtful questions is SO much better and, ultimately, more effective.

Your Asking-For-Money Pep Talk!: Almost everyone gets nervous before asking for a charitable gift. Putting the ask in perspective can allay (some of) your fears. You can do this!

Send Your December Fundraising Appeal in January: Gasp! The December, year-end fundraising appeal is sacred ground for many nonprofits. Maybe this year, in particular, should be different.

Writing Prompt: Five Important Things: Juice up your writing with this easy prompt that will enliven your descriptions of your organization and its mission.

The Biggest Proposal Budget Mistake: Don’t let this common mistake trip you up and prevent you from landing a donation.

Ask for Money for Advice?: It’s not just about who you are asking, and when, and how much… it’s about what you want from a potential donor, and how you can (and should) play the long game.

To Gala or Not To Gala?: What is the TRUE cost of your fundraising gala? How does knowing the answer to that question help you decide whether or not you should move forward with your fundraising event?

Corporate Giving or Corporate Sponsorship?: What’s the difference, and why does it matter? Which is the best option for your organization?

What’s a 990, and What Should You Look For In There? This government form is a treasure trove of information on your potential foundation donors! It also is long, detailed, and overwhelming. What should you really be looking for in there?

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