If you are scrambling to finish everything you need to finish during December 2018, planning for 2019 could feel like an impossible dream!

I sometimes find that making a huge, multifaceted plan can feel like an awfully big mountain to climb, but if I chip away at a piece of that mountain, it can set me on a path towards getting the (planning) job done.

One tool that I’ve learned in journal writing workshops that also is applicable to my work life is: The Start/Stop List.

It’s pretty simple: What do you want to START doing in 2019, and what do you want to STOP doing?

For example, you could say that you want to START:

  • Asking for help
  • Calling donors on the phone, just to say “thanks”
  • Finding new, easily-accessible learning opportunities (e.g. books, podcasts)
  • Finding out what your board members need from you in order to do their jobs better
  • Getting up from your desk and walking around for at least 20 minutes per day
  • Networking in one new place or group
  • Having difficult, but necessary, conversations
  • Saying big goals out loud, to make them feel real

And you want to STOP:

  • Doing everything alone, without help or a team
  • Focusing too much on acquiring new donors, without taking care of the donors you already have
  • Forgetting deadlines
  • Complaining about your board
  • Ignoring opportunities for social media outreach
  • Going to networking events and not talking to anyone new
  • Avoiding difficult, but necessary conversations
  • Thinking small, out of fear

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