Here’s a resource to help you kick off 2022: Your Start/Stop List!

It’s pretty simple: What do you want to START doing in 2022, and what do you want to STOP doing?

For example, you could say that you want to START:

  • Asking for help
  • Finding new, easily-accessible learning opportunities (e.g. books, podcasts)
  • Getting up from your desk and walking around for at least 20 minutes per day
  • Networking with a new group
  • Having difficult, but necessary, conversations
  • Saying big goals out loud, to make them feel real


And you want to STOP:

  • Doing everything alone, without help or a team
  • Forgetting deadlines
  • Going for hours and hours without moving your body or drinking water
  • Avoiding difficult, but necessary conversations
  • Thinking small, out of fear


Print out your 2022 Start/Stop list and take a few minutes TODAY to jot down ideas. Yes, I recommend writing this with pen and paper, which helps shift your thinking away from the usual rhythm of the computer keyboard, but… do whatever works for you! And yes, I recommend doing this today, before it floats to the bottom of your To Do list.

Keep it simple. Make it aspirational, but achievable. Be honest.

Here’s to starting 2022 with intention!

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