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$70.00 / year

The Small & Mighty Membership program will provide members with two concise, targeted sets of resources each month.

  1. Your first monthly email will feature a tactical, how-to guide, covering topics such as: grant proposal writing, keeping the donors you have, finding new donors, refining your nonprofit’s mission statement, turning a fundraising “no” into a “maybe” or a “yes,” and more.
  2. Your second monthly email will present News & Views: trends in fundraising, interesting articles, useful new data, and other highlights from the world of philanthropy.

While Small & Mighty is designed with smaller fundraising shops in mind (places with few resources for training and professional development, where multi-tasking and jack-of-all-tradesing is the norm)… anyone can join! Size does not matter here.

You need direct, easy-to-digest resources that you can use in a flash. The Small & Mighty Membership program has got you covered.

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About this product:

What if raising money could be inspirational?
And creative?
And… fun?

What if you could approach your next grant proposal with confidence?

What if you could work smarter and achieve better results?

What if raising a fortune didn’t cost you a fortune?

While there are plenty of resources out there to help you write grant proposals, find new donors, and stay on top of philanthropic trends… it’s just way too much information for anyone to absorb. Some of what’s out there is helpful. Some of it is mediocre. A lot of it is junk.

With the Small & Mighty Membership program, you won’t have to sift through the clutter. Each month, you’ll get short, actionable, results-oriented tools that have been road tested over 25+ years of working with a vast array of nonprofits.

Your first monthly resource will be a targeted, succinct, how-to guide, such as:

  • Tips for Writing a Grant Proposal Budget
  • Keeping Friends in High Places – Ideas for Donor Stewardship
  • Turning a Fundraising “No” into a “Maybe” or a “Yes”
  • Things to Never Write in a Grant Proposal
  • Measuring Your Nonprofit’s Results with Logic Models
  • How to Start Up a Conversation with a Potential Donor
  • Creating (or Refining) Your Nonprofit’s Mission Statement
  • Proposal Preparation Checklist
  • Where to Find Potential Foundation Donors

Your second monthly resource will be a News & Views message: interesting and relevant articles, trends in philanthropy, new ideas, and notes from the field. This monthly resource will help you stay on top of what’s happening in the nonprofit world and generate meaningful conversations with your board members, donors, and colleagues.

Your $70 fee for a one-year membership entitles you to 12 months of tips, tools, ideas, insights, and creative inspiration. All of these resources will be delivered directly to your email inbox, in a bite-sized format that you can review, understand, and put to use right away.

That’s the equivalent of less than $6 per month for a fantastic set of how-to resources and fresh ideas that you can turn to time and time again.

Join now, and unleash your fundraising potential!

$70.00 Annual Fee

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