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“Am I pushy?”

A tragic school shooting, a student uprising, a question from my tween daughter, and the right kind of pushy

Go for the Gold… or maybe the Bronze

  With the 2018 Winter Olympics well underway, I’m reminded of a study I read years ago about the relative happiness of various medal winners. The study was reported on in the Washington Post’s Department of Human Behavior column, written by Dr. Shankar Vedantam....

“Theory of Change” Made Simpl(er)

Your nonprofit’s Theory of Change will have your back. How to make the process simpl(er), or, at least, less intimidating, even for a small organization.

Doing Less… and Gaining More?

Instead of that frenzied energy that many nonprofits put in to finding more donors, launching more programs, grasping at any grant opportunity that comes along (no matter how far afield from the organization’s core work), what if they paused to consider the core work of the organization and then built plans, goals, budgets, donor relationships, and more around that core work?

Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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