I’ve created a free LinkedIn group to help nonprofit fundraising professionals attend to their own wellness and well-being. Please check it out here!

Nonprofit organizations need their fundraising professionals to perform at peak levels, to inspire others, to maintain relationships with donors, and to achieve “reach goals.” Grueling hours, unrealistic expectations, lack of internal supports, and a sense that fundraisers are responsible for the viability of the entire organization leads to high burnout and churn among those in the fundraising profession.

There’s lots that nonprofit organizations can do to better support their fundraising professionals. And, there’s plenty that fundraisers, themselves, can do to maintain their own wellbeing, resilience, and happiness on the job.

Mindfulness techniques, scheduling tweaks, reframing professional relationships, finding renewed inspiration, micro-steps to improve health, building supportive networks… these and other strategies can improve calm, focus, energy, and drive, while leaving fundraising professionals feeling more invigorated and inspired!

As fundraising professionals, we help others give. Let’s give ourselves the time, care, and grace to be our best selves.

Please join the group on LinkedIn and contribute your own ideas and resources!


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